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Jacob McClelland


Jacob has grown up with a love of all things bikes! He started racing in elementary school and as a result gained a passion for fixing bikes over the years. He now has over 10 years experience under his belt fixing bikes as the former Rental and Service Manager as Hardwood Ski and Bike as well as through mechanic work at a local bike shop. Jacob also works at Hardwood Ski and Bike in the winter as part of the outdoor crew, grooming and plowing snow. In his spare time you can find Jacob taking part in local weekly race series at Hardwood Ski and Bike and Buckwallow Cycling Centre, enjoying the flow of the local SCMBC trails, or taking part in any number of outdoor adventures with his wife Liz, daughters Mary and Nora and dog Sofi.

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Tristan Spurr


Tristan has been wrenching bikes since he was a little boy, he was a master of disassembly but was slow to put the puzzle back together.  Frustrated parents pleaded with a local bike shop to teach him the ways of the bicycle and he’s been serving customers of Orillia and surrounding area ever since. He has gained 15 years experience working at both local bicycle stores and continues to work as the head cross country ski groomer at Hardwood Ski and Bike.  Tristan has grown up racing both road and mountain bikes since high school. He followed his passion to Nice, France where he lived his dream in road cycling. Tristan continues to share his love of the sport with his family; Ashley and Benjamin at Hardwoods Wednesday night weekly race series and weekly group rides with the Barrie Cycling Club. Tristan wishes to share his passion for cycling and grow the sport among our community.