Level 1 Tune Up – $29.99

The Level 1 Tune Up is a general adjustment of gears and brakes to keep your bike functioning day to day.

Level 2 Tune Up – $59.99

The Level 2 Tune Up includes all adjustments plus wheel truing, bottom bracket and hub adjustment as well as a minor cleaning.

Level 3 Tune Up – $89.99

The Level 3 Tune up includes a full drive train clean on top of what is included in the Level 2 Tune up

Level 4 Tune Up – $159.99

The Level 4 Tune up includes a complete tear down and clean. All cables and housing will be replaced. *Hydraulic cables and brake bleed will be extra.

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Other Repair Services

Beyond our tune ups we can help you with any other mechanical issues with your bike. Pricing will be dependent on labour and parts. Bring your bike in for a quote today.

Can’t get your bike to us?

No problem! At The Crank & Sprocket Bicycle Co. we believe taking care of your bike shouldn’t be a hassle. We offer, by appointment, a pick up and drop off service for your bicycle repairs. Call to book your pick up and ask about pricing.

Book your pick-up/drop-off